Men's Riding Boots

Men's Riding Boots

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Welcome to Jiangsu Yibei Industry Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Yibei Industry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2011, the large scale footwear joint-stock enterprise features combination of industry, academia and research, and integration of secience, technology and trade. The company headquarter is located in Nantong City with reputation of "the first city of modern industry", Jiangsu province. It has staff of more than 800 people, the total assets of 350 milllion RMB, the total area of 100 acres. Yibei Industry owns first class shoes production line, has strong competitiveness in the domestic high-end footwear industry.
Over the years, Yibei Industry adheres to the development way of "science and technology rise enterprise", "science and technology enhance enterprises”, implements new product development strategy of "three high one special "(high technology, high added value, high market capacity and special market competition), the annual funds expenditure of technology innovation and development account of the proportion more than 5% of sales revenue, it forms benign development cycle of "set up a number of project, research and development of the number, storage of the number", builds perfect research and innovation system. Yibei Industry produces series of protection footwear, they advantage on puncture proof, water proof, anti-static, oil resistance, acid resistance and compression resistance.
All products export, in particular, cowboy boots, anti-skid shoes, mirror shoes and other products which they independent researched, developed and produced are best selling in American market with quality and beauty. After many years of accumulation, Yibei Industry successfully built strategic partnership with the high-end footwear brand "Ariat", Yibei Industry products for the brand "Ariat" among its production partners worldwide, keep the first performance in product quality comprehensive evaluation in years.
Western boots, Cowboy boots, Work boots, Safety boots, Riding boots.
Yibei boots are built to meet the athletic demands of rodeo and ranching. Backed by several years of technology innovation, we engineer each pair to be the ultimate in performance,comfort and duarbility for those who live,work and ride under the open sky!
Adhering to the concept of developing to "China's high-end footwear leader", Yibei industry is accelerating the pace of scientific and technological innovation, building their own brands, constructs the core competitiveness, its comprehensive economic strength gets promotion rapidly.
We are now have 3 mature lasting line both in Goodyear and Cement construction.
Yibei Industry maintains an annual output of 1.5 milllion pairs high-end footwear production capacity in value of export of 40 million USD. Company has risen as high-end shoes and boots production base in the Yangtze River Delta region and even in China with the largest production capacity, the highest technology integration, the strongest quality control ability.
We have a full professional team who can meet with your all logically demand and requirements no matter in pre-sales or after sale.
Men's Riding Boots
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