Tube Packaging And Tube Plastic Cap

Tube Packaging And Tube Plastic Cap

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1.Product Introduction :
The electroplating cosmetics packaging cap has 2sizes, can fit the tube for #40, #35. Screw cap for shampoo tube ,repair cream tube ,100g calming mask tube and so on.
2.Product Parameter :
Item No.40XB35XB
Tube Caliber For#40#35
MaterialPMMA/AS out cap+ABS inner capPMMA/AS out cap+ABS inner cap
TechnologyPlastic injection molding +electroplating colorPlastic injection molding +electroplating color
3.Product Details:
Easy and convenient to use Suitable for a wide variety of items including: Lotion, cream, skin care and other products
Material for the tube :2 layers PE tube,5layers PE tube,ABL
Surface Handling(tube):Screen Printing,offect printing,hot stamping
Cap:acrylic cap,screw cap,cosmetic tube cap
Usage:Cosmetics, Cosmetic Packing
Our company is specialized in produce flexible plastic tube and cap packaging,plastic bottles,and plastic jars for cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical and industry etc. Our product ranges from dia.13 to dia.60mm, 3ml to 360ml, also including round tube,oval tube, super oval tube,and other shape bottles or jars.
We can do offset printing, slik screen printing, hot stamping, and we aslo have all kinds of cap. With high quality and best competitive price, please contact us directly with your inquiry. Samples from you are greatly appreciated for our exact quotation.
Contact Information:
Company Information
Factory Show
Exhibition Show
Packing and Shipping
Our Advantage
1) many years experience in manufacturing, service will be more and more professional
2) 24-hour hotline,service more swiftly
3) Large-scale produce line, more rapid delivery
4) Supporting deep-processing. the kinds of products are more rich
5) Advance equipment , the quality are perfect.
6) Professional foreign trade operations, services are more circumspect

1.I have the DHL account ,can you send me the samples with our account?
2. How is the ordering process?
First,choose the products,after testing we will send you samples.Than make the payment,begin for the balance,send out the goods.
3.How can I get the products after pay balance?
After received the balance,the products can be send to the address that you provided.It is free that delivery in Guangzhou.if you need us to send the products to your country,you can tell me the account that you have in DHL ,FedEx,UPS or TNT.If you don’t have the account,we can ask some for you,after pay for the freight cost ,we can send out the products.

Tube Packaging And Tube Plastic Cap
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