China OTU Transponder

China OTU Transponder

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Product Specifications:
OTDX is a 4-channel 10G service access card launched by Sintai Communication Co.,Ltd.; its main function is to finish the 3R regeneration of any 4-channel signals under any protocol within the rate of 1.25 Gbit/s~11.3 Gbit/s to be accessed, and then convert them to optical signals of a standard DWDM wavelength or standard CWDM wavelength, so that the multiplexing unit can conduct WDM for optical signals of different wavelengths and also achieve the inverse process of the above process. It’s applicable to the wavelength division transmission solution for any access of services with the rate of 10G or below.

Functional Structure
Product Specification
Product ModelOTDX
Basic function● It supports bidirectional transmission of 4-channel services with any rate of 1.25 Gbit/s~11.3 Gbit/s
● It supports unidirectional transmission of 8-channel services with any rate of 1.25 Gbit/s~11.3 Gbit/s
Access service type● GE, 10GE, STM-16/64,
● FC 1G/2G/4G/8G/10G, FICON, FICON Express, ESCON
● CPRI: 1.23/2.46/6, 14/9.83 Gbit/s,OTN:OTU2,OTU2V
Occupied slot numberOccupy 1 slot, applicable to the platform of the whole OTNS 8600 series
WDM technologySupport DWDM: C Band, 100GHz or 50GHz
Support CWDM:1271nm~1611nm
3R technologySupport 3R function:Re-amplifying, Re-timing, Re-shaping
Network management function● Support real time monitoring for port working state, including: transmitting optical power, receiving optical power, temperature, etc
● Support setting for the working rate of ports
● Support port loopback and port shutdown
interfaceIt supports 8 pluggable optical port SFP/ SFP+
Typical power consumption20 W
MTBF> 100000 hours
Q1. Can you recommend some products that best meet my demands?
A1: Yes, if you don't know which product is good, let us know your detail requirements, our engineers will recommend you a proper device. Or if you have specification, just send it to me.
Q2. How can we pay?
A2: We accept T/T, L/C and Paypal. Normally we suggest T/T.
Q3. When do you ship out the products ?How ? What's the shipping cost?
A3: We ship out products 5-10 working days after receipt of payment. We cooperate with forwarders and Express companies: Fedex, TNT, DHL
The shipping cost depends on the weight and size.
Q4. What's your warranty and after-sale services?
A4: Our products have 1 year warranty. Our engineers can help with installation of devices by remote assistance. Also, they might go to your country to help with technical problems if necessary.
Q5.Does Sintai do OEM&ODM?
A5: Yes. We accept OEM&ODM.

China OTU Transponder
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