Portable Ultraviolet Light Therapy Machine price

Portable Ultraviolet Light Therapy Machine price

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Shanghai SIGMA High-tech Co.,Ltd., established in 1992, is a professional phototherapy equipment supplier for skin treatment such as vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, pityriasis rosea, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis. SIGMA specializes in Home Use Phototherapy Device, Medical Phototherapy Equipments, Medical Magnifier Wood's Lamp and PDT Machine. With 26 years' medical research and customers experience, we are exactly know what is the customer requirement for skin treatment and business. Our products are exported to USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Germany, France, etc. and win good reputation among our customers.
SIGMA products are certificated in ISO13485. All the UV lamps are from Philips as SIGMA is the only certificated partner of Philips special lighting in Asia. You can find our information on Philips website: http://www.lighting.philips.com/main/pr ... ototherapy. We are dedicated to provide our customer with high quality products and excellent trading experience.
Situated in Shanghai, SIGMA avails herself of geographic advantage to realize advanced technical support and fast delivery. Shanghai Quality urges SIGMA to update its technology and lauch new products for different skin disease conditions. Different logistics services are available for fast shipping and short lead time. Besides, with the development of e-commerce, our customers can receive the service information and feedback in time.
SIGMA aims to bring more people beautiful and healthy skin and create greater value for our clients. SIGMA is your trustworthy phototherapy expert!Portable Ultraviolet Light Therapy Machine price
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