Indoor Trampoline Park manufacturers

Indoor Trampoline Park manufacturers

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Parameter Description
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Product name: Trampoline Park.
Brand Name: WKY
Size: Customized.
Color: Colorful, Customized.
Suitable age: 3-50 years old.
Type: Customer settings.
Function: Climbing, jumping, strop, etc.
Material: Galvanized Steel+301 spring+PP net, etc.
Apply to: Amusement Park, playground, outdoor park, shopping Mall.
Applicable scene: Indoor or Outdoor.
Warranty: 5 Years.
Delivery Time: 10-30 Days.
Supply Ability
Supply Ability: 5000 quare Meters per month trampoline park
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Standard Export Packing: Cotton, bubble bag, PP film, woven bag;
Customized packaging available.
Dalian, Qingdao, Ningbo, Tianjin, Guangzhou.
Lead Time:
Quantity (Square Meters)1 - 500500 - 1000>2000
Est. Time(day)7-2015-30To be negotiated
Product Description
Indoor or Outdoor trampoline park for kids and adults !
Product NameTrampoline Park
SizeCustomized based on the size and interior structure of your hall floor size.
Material 1) Frames and legs: Galvanized steel pipe, black coated
2) L18cm high strength galvanized springs, 301 steel wire
3) Jumping mat: imported PP
4) Soft EPE foam pad: water-proof cell closed foam, not easy to deform
PackingWrapped by cotton and PP film, woven bag, outer carton
Warranty5 years (Other accessories are guaranteed for 3 years)
Advantagesa. Factory-direct price;
b. Eco-friendly durable materials;
c. Rational structure designs and standard production conforming to ASTM safty standard;
d. Free design and consulting service.
InstallationDetailed installation manual, video instructions.
After-sales Service:
The product will not be returned once purchased. Under normal use, due to non-human factors, the steel frame is three years, and the mesh is repaired free of charge within two years. Except for consumables.
The Trampoline Benefits so much, you know?
1. Grow up. Trampoline exercise can strengthen muscle strength, increase its flexibility, increase bone density and joint strength, and develop lower limb strength, effectively strengthen children's physical fitness and promote height growth.
2. Long effort. Trampoline exercise can effectively strengthen the abdominal muscles, the lower back muscles, the back muscles, the support of the limbs, and strengthen the muscle strength of the lower limbs. A series of conditioning exercises on the trampoline enable the children to pass these tactile stimulation and muscle training in the brain. The center establishes connections, making the movements of young children sensitive and the muscles developed.
3. Coordinate the body. Trampoline exercise can promote the development of the nervous system. The pattern movements of various trampolines can gradually form and develop into a differentiated, purposeful and coordinated movement from disorderly movements, and make good adjustments to the nervous system to improve the child's physical coordination. The trampoline bounce can help the child maintain a balance of gravity, because the child should always resist the elasticity when using the trampoline;
4. Improve your attention. Trampoline exercise can improve your child's attention. Allowing children to participate in sports can help them focus. Trampoline exercise is more exciting, challenging, and more fun than traditional sports. It is more attractive to children. After the trampoline, the children will be more focused and improve their performance.
5. Prevent or reduce the symptoms of obesity. Compared to regular sports such as jogging, trampolines are a more energy-consuming way to burn calories. The data shows that a continuous jump of ten minutes is equivalent to calories burned for half an hour. Therefore, long-term adherence to trampoline exercise can help promote the body's metabolism, improve fat oxidation and prevent the symptoms of obesity.
6. Oxygen supplement effect. Trampoline exercise is also a good aerobic exercise. Trampoline exercise can promote blood circulation and enhance blood oxygen carrying capacity. In order to improve the body's immunity, let the children grow healthier and happy.
7. Contribute to Cardiovascular Health
A trampoline bounce can strengthen the strength of the heart muscle. Cardiopulmonary exercise can enhance heart and pulse beats and strengthen the main muscles to build a healthy cardiovascular system. Trampoline bounce is a low-impact exercise that avoids excessive stress on the joints and has a significant effect on the respiratory tract.
Trampoline Product Introduction:
Trampoline is known as "air ballet" and has always been loved by children around the world. The new trampoline park adopts an entertaining and entertaining mode to integrate the children's paradise with a multi-dimensional and multi-angle safe and leisure mode, with both fun and safety.
The trampoline park function area includes: holographic projection interaction area, spider wall, extreme air slam dunk area, art climbing area, fancy marine ball pool, Zhiyong Daguan District, Ninja Shaoguan obstacle area, intellectual interest avoidance ball area, etc. .
It is a multi-disciplinary sports and fitness base that integrates running, jumping and climbing.Indoor Trampoline Park manufacturers
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