repairing Electromobile regular charger Made in China

repairing Electromobile regular charger Made in China

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Tianchang Dongsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the field of charger to provide cost-effective products and sales and after-sale of the overall solution is the industry's fastest growing rising star, has grown to the highest level of automation in the field of charger, the most advanced technology, One of the most complete range of specialty charger manufacturers.
The factory is located in Anhui Province, the provincial economic development zone - Qinlan town, was established in 2006, from the early development of three individuals to the current development of an area of 9000 square meters, has been put into use 8,000 square meters of new production plants and more than 500 million professional testing and Production equipment, as Dongsheng second business a solid platform, carrying all the Dongsheng people to realize the common cause of the dream.
The factory is focused on the research, development and application of the charger, and takes the road of specialization and technology. Based on the high starting point, high standard and high demand, the quality of the technology is improved and the customers are established with quality. The pursuit of technological innovation, management innovation, continuous improvement of product quality, and strictly improve the service system, and strive to always walk in front of customer requirements.
We will continue to work with our colleagues to create a better future
repairing Electromobile regular charger Made in China
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