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R5K ferrite powder is same as our TH5 ferrite powder. TH5 material is a kind of high permeability MnZn ferrite powder, the initial permeability of the material is 5000±25%, which is characterized by high permeability, low specific loss factor and excellent frequency characteristics. Ferrite material is a very important basic functional material in the national economy, which is widely used in all kinds of electronic products. The electronic products will develop in the direction of light, thin, short and small. The high permeability manganese zinc material is one of the materials with the fastest market development and the best market prospects. The specific loss factor is independent of geometrical size of material, indicating small signal loss characteristics of the material. The Curie temperature of the material is 150℃. It is one of the materials with the highest Curie temperature among the high permeability materials. The Curie temperature is the transition temperature of magnetic materials from ferromagnetism to paramag-netism. There are several methods to determine Curie temperature.It is suitable for making all kinds of high permeability magnetic cores.
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