Nylon Zipper Machine manufacturers

Nylon Zipper Machine manufacturers

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Automatic Ultrasonic Nylon Zipper Hole Punching Machine
Zipper Sample
This machine is using ultrasonic system to make hole punching on the welded film of nylon,metal or plastic (You can choose one) open end zipper automatically.Machine advantages:
1.Touch screen man-machine interface with simple operation.
2.The equipment running is monitored in a real-time manner ,and faults will be automaticallydisplayed on the touch screen for the convenience of troubleshooting.
3.Ultrasonic hole fusing is adopted to fuse hole cross sections .The zipper is resistant towater washing .There is no burr. It is ensured that the box insertions can be mounted firmly.
4.Servo driving with accurate positioning and good stability.
5.The safety protection alarm system can avoid mechanical injuries.
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