China Acrylic Tape

China Acrylic Tape

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1. Product Description
Acrylic glass cloth tape TFGSCT-233-AR is a kind of acrylic glass cloth tape, it is made of high quality imported glass cloth as base material (backing) and good acrylic glue as coated adhesive. It is flexible with a strong breaking strength, excellent abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, puncture resistance and temperature resistance, widely used in quite many class F insulation applications.
2. Application
Wrap and insulate the electric and induction type furnace’s power supply leads.
Wrap and insulate Dry-type transformer’s leads.
Wrap and insulate to motor lead connections, switches and controls for furnaces & ovens.
Reinforcing and repairing coils on mining machines.
Also be used to aerospace, solar power, Lithium battery, wind power generation and household appliances.
3. Advantage
√ Stable quality, exporting worldwide for more than 10 years;
√ Reasonable price to distributors and end users;
√ Guaranteed lead time
√ Professional customer service
4. Technical Data
Item Data
Base MaterialGlass Cloth (0.125mm)
AdhesiveAcrylic (0.05mm)
Total Thickness0.175mm(±0.01mm)
WidthFrom 5mm to 1030mm (±0.3mm)
Tensile Strength400N/25mm
Elongation at break≥5%
Adhesion Strength11N/25mm (Average)
Voltage Resistance2KV
Temperature Resistance155℃ (Class F)
5.Storage Condition
Keep in dry and clean place, under normal temperature at 15℃~30℃, 65%RH.
Shelf life is 12 months after production date.
Sample: free sample for small rolls, freight collect.
MOQ: no MOQ.China Acrylic Tape
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