High Precision Non-returing Valve suppliers

High Precision Non-returing Valve suppliers

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Established in 2006, Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology Corp. locates in Xi’an, which has 13 years history as the ancient capital of China. As a listed company in China’s New Third Board (Stock code:872147), Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology successfully transforms its core business from the sales of advanced manufacturing equipment to the application of high precision spherical surface processing. With the technological advantages and market resources accumulated over the years, Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology will continually devote its research and development power in the industry of the application of high precision spherical surface processing. We are dedicated to provide diversified custom made spherical parts for customers both from home and abroad. Our goal is to make the roundest ball all of the world.

A high-precision spherical surface processing division was set up in 2012 by Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology, mainly specializing in the R & D of high-precision spherical parts processing technology. The division is dedicated to provide high-precision spherical parts and widely used in listed industries, such as automobile parts, plunger system fittings, railway, machinery, shipping, robot joint, joint bearing, ball valve, instrumentation and human body joint etc.

With the combination of self-developed high precision processing equipment and long term researched achievements in high precision sphere and spherical processing fields, Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology devotes to provide high precision custom made spherical parts for customers both from home and aboard. Our self-developed spherical processing honing machine has the characteristics of both high precision and high efficiency.

A series of high precision spherical honing machine developed by Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology were listed as two support projects by Chinese government. One is SME innovation found from Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2008 and the other is science and technology innovation project from Xi’an Science and Technology Bureau in 2010. Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology passed the “GJB9001B-2009” standard and “GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 standard. In 2016, Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology passed Bosch’s assessment of qualified suppliers in global procurement. In 2015, Xi’an HangChen Mechatronics Technology had completed the high-tech enterprise confirmation and obtained the high-tech enterprise certificate.

The general introduction of the application of high precision spherical surface processing technology:
1.high precision spherical surface processing and technology research
2.automobile spherical parts
3.spherical parts for plunger accessories
4.spherical parts for railway, machinery, shipping
5.spherical parts for robot joint
6.spherical parts for joint bearing
7.high precision ball valve
8.spherical parts for instrumentation
9.spherical technology for human body joint
Why choose us?
1. High-precision spherical parts manufacturer:
With unique processing technology, our plant can complete ultra-high-precision processing technology to spherical parts on the premise of ensuring efficiency. Roundness precision index can achieve 10 nanometers (i.e., roundness 0.00001mm). Now, our plant is dedicating in building worldwide cost-effective high-precision spherical parts processing base.
2. Continuous R&D capability:
With more than 10 years of research on precision spherical processing technology, our plant has been adhering to a consistent scientific research attitude and continuous R & D research capabilities. Up to now, we have established an excellent technical team from process to equipment development.
3. Excellent supporting technology & services:
Besides high precision spherical machining process, our plant also has powerful supporting capabilities in turning, milling, honing, heat treatment and other machining processes.
4. Competitive price with high quality:
The high-precision spherical processing equipment we are using are independently developed and produced by our R& D technical team, thus we are able to offer you a competitive price with high quality and best reservices.
5. Good reputation and word-of-mouth:
As a new-three board listed company of China, our plant has a good reputation and word-of-mouth in the industry.
6. Qualified supplier for multinational customers.
High Precision Non-returing Valve suppliers
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